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Gardening seems to be put on pause during the winter, as the cold weather rolls in, the outdoor plans tend to wither away for the season. However that doesn’t change the fact that we all enjoy gardening and still need to enjoy our past time! So what are you able to do with gardening in those dark winter months?

So what can you do for gardening in the winter ? In the winter months, indoor gardening will be your friend! You can grow plants from seeds in small pots, you can grow vegetables from scraps like used up lettuce, and you can even be planning and building things for next years round of gardening!

Here are our favorite things to be doing in the winter for your garden!

1. Indoor gardening

This is the obvious first choice for winter gardening ! You can buy some really cool indoor planting accessories like lights, garden beds, and even some cool fabric wall hanging planters that make gardening inside your home a breeze. This is also a great time to buy yourself some smaller tools that are more suited to indoor gardening.

During this time, you will be growing starts for next years outdoor garden, or just growing plants that you plan on enjoying year round such as a peace lily!

2. Growing vegetables from scraps

We really enjoy this type of gardening! If you are bored in your home, and don’t want to go all out with your indoor garden, you can instead take your groceries that you have used up to grow another one.

A great example of this is lettuce: After you have cut off the stump of your green lettuce, you can put that stump into the shallow water and watch it as it grows a whole head of lettuce from that old stump.

You can also do this with green onions, celery, carrot tops, and more! It is a lot of fun, and is something you can do with kids.

3. Building planters for next season

You can never be prepared for next year’s garden! That makes this a perfect time to be working in the garage building up any planters you may need for next year. Raised garden beds make it easy to move around your gardens, and to easily access your plants. It also makes it easier to prepare the soil for that garden!

4. Planning out next years garden

Planning out your garden can mean the difference between a high yield and a low yield! Making sure all of the right plants are spaced out, and the ones that need to be next to each other are. Use this down time in the winter to plan it all out, do your research, and enjoy that time while doing it!


There are plenty of great things you can still be doing for your garden during the winter! You may not be actively tilling, growing, watering, etc, but there are plenty of things to do! Have fun this winter and enjoy it.