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Eggshells can be very beneficial in several ways especially for your garden. With eggshells, your plants stay fertile and have a better appearance. Eggshells are believed to be good for hydrangeas as it consists of calcium that is beneficial for the strength and growth of your plants. The magic of eggshells can only be enjoyed when you break them into powder form for the best results.

How to use eggshells with hydrangeas:

Eggshells can be benefited from when we grind them in powder form. This is because the larger pieces do not decompose easily.

Make powder:

One of the best ways to use eggshells is to make powder out of them. For this, you will need 10 eggs for the best results. After collecting, wash them and let them dry for a day. Once the eggshells are dried it is advised to put them inside an oven for baking. This helps to kill the pathogenic bacteria in the right manner. Once baked over the specified temperature it is then advised to crush the eggshells. Grind the eggshells finely for the best results.

Once the eggshells are ground, it is time to let them dry for some time. Once ready, you can use it as hydrangea in your plants. The best time to apply the eggshells is during the spring season. During the spring the humidity levels are high and the particles are washed away those are around the plants.


You can also use eggshells as compost. This process would also require you to bake and grind the eggshells in powder form for the best results. The shredded branches of young trees serve best for compost and should be used if you are looking for a positive result. Kitchen scraps can be added to the compost for a better result. Animal residue in huge amount is not advised as it consists of several bacteria.

Once the compost is ready, you can add the eggshells to it. Ensure that the eggshell powder is not more than 10% of the total mass for the best results. You can leave the compost to decompose for a year. Ensure that the compost file is not too high and each layer has access to air. If there is no air access, it may result in fermentation that is harmful to the plants. During the decomposition process, the compost becomes slightly acidic and helps to dissolve the eggshells quick. This results in excellent fertilizer for hydrangeas.

Do eggshells affect the soil ph?

The ph of the soil can be changed by eggshell only if the soil is acidic. The eggshell powder when added to acidic soil results in the soil becoming neutral. One very good example is several gardeners changed the acidity of the soil to achieve the desired colors of flowers. When the eggshell powder is added to the soil it makes the soil neutral and the color of flower such as hydrangea turn purple. To achieve a different color you can add other elements to the soil.

Eggshells help to offer plants calcium that is necessary for their growth and strength. For the best results, keep the soil slightly acidic as it helps to dissolve the eggshells quicker. You can also get it done by mulching hydrangeas. Mulch is decomposed with bacteria and there is hence an increase in the acidity of the soil. This way you can get fertilizer with a combination of mulch and eggshell powder.

Out of all the best mulching material is compost as it restrains the soil from drying and adds organic fertilization. Mulch acts as a barrier to the sun not allowing the earth to heat up during summers. Apart from adding eggshells, it is necessary to keep feeding the hydrangeas, as plants require a lot of energy to produce a flower. Adding slow-release minerals along with organic fertilizers such as compost mulching helps the plant to grow healthy.


Eggshells are very beneficial for hydrangeas. To ensure the plant grows in the right way it is essential to follow the points mentioned above. Eggshells should always be used in powder form for the best results. They get decomposed easily when in powder form. The soil being acidic in nature helps to speed up the process of breaking down the eggshells. Eggshells can be very beneficial for your garden if used the right way.