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Seed potatoes are awesome, as they can help you quickly start a potato plant, that will yeild you tons of potatoes in a single year. However many people wonder if you can eat seed potatoes, or if you should avoid them all together for consumption.

So can you eat seed potatoes? You should never eat a seed potato, as they generally have chemicals, fungicides and many other toxins that are required to make a seed potato yield the most potatoes possible.

A Look at Seed Potatoes

Seed potatoes, in a nutshell, are tubers that enable people to grow potatoes from scratch. These are brand new potatoes that are indistinguishable from the earlier versions in the genetics department.

While their name contains the word “seeds,” they’re not in reality a part of that category in any way, shape or form. Seed potatoes are created in order to establish additional starchy plants with the passing of time. Replanting is the primary aim behind seed potatoes.

Potatoes sometimes create seeds all by themselves. In spite of that, farmers do not ever use them for growing any of their crops.

If you’re on the lookout for seed potatoes for any reason, you should take a prudent approach to things. These potatoes optimally feel “solid” and “unyielding” to the touch rather than overly soft.

They optimally are devoid of tiny flaws or marks, too. It’s not a problem to secure seed potatoes that have developed little sprouts that are both green and short. However, you should steer clear of the temptation to invest in seed potatoes that have developed pale and lengthy sprouts. That’s due to the fact that these potatoes are particularly delicate.

They’re particularly prone to damage in times of planting as well. Seed potatoes are usually on hand for purchase beginning at the end of the winter each year. People can often find them all the way into the heart of the spring season in April, too.

The Consumption of Seed Potatoes

Potatoes are staples in the human diet all around the planet. That’s the reason that it’s no big shocker that some people wonder whether they can safely consume seed potatoes.

The truth is that they cannot. If you buy any potato tubers for seed applications, then you should steer clear of ever eating them no matter what. Note, too, that these tubers in many cases have gone through chemical processes. Seeds that have been treated chemically are unsafe for consumption by human beings.

They’re unsafe for consumption by animals as well.

There are an abundance of seed potato types that have been thoroughly treated with the use of toxins. Dips and washes that are fungicidal are poisonous.

It can help you significantly to pay close attention to seed packaging. All kinds of seeds often come with labels that feature prominent written warnings. If you buy seeds in conjunction with all sorts of fungicides, then they may have packaging that indicates the presence of the chemical.

These packages in many situations indicate that they’re in no sense suitable for people or animals to eat.

Did You Eat Seed Potatoes?

If you accidentally consumed seed potatoes, then it may be wise to notify a doctor for information about how to proceed. Poisoning can lead to all sorts of effects.

If you have a pet or a family member who has consumed seed potatoes unintentionally or intentionally, you should seek prompt medical attention, too. The sooner you notify a reputable healthcare professional, the better.