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Potatoes are one of my favorite items to grow in my garden. Being in the Pacific Northwest, our growing season is much shorter than other areas of the country, but the trusted potato always produces a plentiful harvest with a minimal time and money investment.

While many potato plants will produce pretty blooms, it is not necessary for them to actually produce potatoes. I’ve had potato plants with and without flowers or blooms, and it has not impacted the growth of what I’m really after — potatoes.

Why do Potato plants blooms?

Many plants bloom to produce seeds. However, potato plants are usually grown from what’s called seed potatoes (chunks of leftover tubers), as opposed to the little seeds. Potato plant blooms actually turn into small berries that look similar to tomatoes. While you can grow potato plants from these seeds, it is much more cumbersome than growing them from seed potatoes. They have to be started indoors and the plant that grows from the small seeds does not necessarily end up being the same plant as the parent plant.

Whether your potato plants bloom or not , hopefully they are producing a delicious, bountiful harvest for you that will last all winter long!