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Dog igloos are quickly growing in popularity, so we thought we would put together a quick article going over some basic questions people have about this versatile, easy to use dog house.

Are igloo dog houses cool in the summer?

Even though they are called igloos, these dog houses are actually quite good for the summer as well! Due to their insulation, these dog houses will stay cool during the summer, giving your dogs some reprieve from the elements.

How much does a dog igloo cost?

Dog igloos cost generally somewhere between $100 to $200, however can range even above that depending on the brand and the size of the igloo. Check out some of our favorite dog igloos on Amazon below.

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How good are igloo dog houses?

We have an Igloo for our dogs (and cat), and they are quite good! This is something we are able to set and leave, not having to think about it all that often.

Why are igloo dog houses better?

Igloo dog houses are better than many of the competitors because they have smaller openings, but a larger interior! This allows dogs to feel safe while inside, and to also help retain the heat or the coolness of the day.

What are igloo dog houses made of?

Igloo style dog houses may look like they are only made of plastic, however that plastic wraps around a foam inner structure. This foam inner structure allows for the heat to stay in during the winter, and the cold to stay in during the summer. Think of it as the same thing as the insulation in your home.


Igloo dog houses are a great options for many people that want to give their dogs a comfortable place to spend in the summer or winter temporarily. While I don’t say people should leave their dogs outside permanently, it is a great thing to allow them to have a place when they want to spend the time outdoors.