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All types of carnations growing in pots have several characteristic features: they are light-loving plants and require long daylight hours. At the same time, it is important to observe the correct temperature regime: the carnation does not tolerate intense heat, the ideal temperature for it is 13-15 degrees.

Lack of light or, on the contrary, too hot sun rays lead to a slowdown in growth, and the plant will bloom much worse.

Other rules for growing carnations in pots

  • The plant is demanding to water, the soil in the pot should never completely dry out. For watering, it is better to choose soft, settled water, it should not be cold. Carnations are very fond of evening spraying, especially after a hot day.
  • For carnations, it is recommended to select neutral soils. Ideal proportion: leafy soil, peat, and turf soil in a ratio of 1: 1: 2. They are afraid of microorganisms, so the soil must first be spilled with antiseptic solutions.
  • Top dressing is necessary for lush flowering, therefore complex mineral fertilizers are bred for carnations and the soil is sprayed.

To make the bush lush, young shoots need to be pinched, forming a crown.

The plant does not suffer from this procedure, as it quickly produces lateral shoots. In general, the rules for carnation care are quite simple. If you do not forget to water it and provide it with enough light, you can be sure that it will bloom soon and will delight the owner for a very long time with magnificent buds with a delicate pleasant aroma.

Breeding rules for carnations in pots

At home, the easiest way to propagate a carnation is by seed, and if you experiment with crossing several varieties, you can achieve interesting color combinations of buds.

Sowing is carried out in early spring, in March-April, and carnation seeds are usually very germinating. Sowing material should not be stored for a long time: the seeds obtained from last year’s plant sprout best.

Growing tricks

  • It is not necessary to pre-soak the seeds; it is enough to place them in a container with soil to a depth of 2-3 mm and moisten them abundantly with water.
  • The pots must be placed in a bright place, the first shoots may appear after a week.
  • When the seedlings germinate, and they have at least 5 true leaves, you can start forming the future bush.

The carnation begins to bloom about 3- 4 months after planting. So the bushes planted in spring will delight you with flowering all summer. Seeds can also be planted before winter, but in this case, the carnation will bloom only next year.

For biennial and perennial species, other breeding methods are also used: this is the division of the bush and the transplanting of cuttings.

In any case, it is important not to bury an overly young plant in the soil. Plantings need to be watered on time. Sand is often added to the soil so that moisture does not stagnate and does not lead to the decay of the roots.

Difficulties in growing carnations

However, there are still a few common problems to be aware of before planting. Although the plant is not too demanding on conditions, it is afraid of pests.

Carnation pests

  • A spider mite infects a carnation – in this case, the reverse side of the leaves will be covered with a white bloom, and the plant will bloom much worse.
  • Aphids, powdery mildew, and other common pests also pose a threat.

Spider mites and other parasites most often have to be treated more than once. If any plant on the windowsill is affected, it is better to immediately remove the carnation pot to another place.

If signs of disease appear, the leaves are washed with soapy water. In this case, you need to make sure that the soap does not get on the roots – this can only damage the plant. The foam is left on the leaves for several hours (but not overnight) and then washed off.

If these measures do not work, it is better to purchase special fungicides. One of the effective remedies is Actellik – this drug kills most pests, but it is toxic, so it is used only in extreme cases. Another effective remedy is Fitoverm, it is safer, but you still need to carefully follow the instructions.