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There are many ways to get better at gardening. The first step is knowing how much time you have for this activity and what you want to do with your garden. The task of painting a room presents the same difficulty as that of doing a sum in arithmetic. The question is not how many strokes you can make with the brush or how much time you can devote to it, but what results you want to achieve. A good gardener is a person who knows how to plant, weed, grow and nurture plants.

Some people who are new to gardening may wonder how they would get good at it. They might be concerned about that because they want to give the best possible care to their plants and flowers.It’s a skill that can be learned if you know the right techniques. Here are some tips on becoming a master gardener:

Buy high quality seeds

This will ensure that your garden will grow well and that you won’t have to waste time using inferior seeds after waiting until the last minute to get started growing plants in pots or the ground around your home. Making sure you have good seeds will minimize ill effects sometimes caused by cheap seed packets of poor quality. If there is one thing no green-thumbed person wants, it’s wasting money on bad seeds!

Understand the signs of growth

Use a calendar to mark the days when you should water your flowers, plants and vegetables. Recheck every few days to see if they need more or less water.

Keep in mind that some plants grow better in cooler months than they do during the summer time. So don’t just plant whatever whenever–knowing how your plants grow throughout various seasons is very important for a gardener who wants to produce healthy blooms year-round.

Know your seeds

Before you buy any seeds, make sure you know what conditions will work best for them so that you can start growing immediately without having to worry about adjusting watering times (for example) later on! If you’re worried about forgetting things like this, then keep handy reminders with pictures of each type of plant you’re planning on growing when they are ready to be planted in the ground or in containers.

Don’t over-water your plants and flowers!

It is natural to want to water as much as possible, especially if it’s starting look like things are going dry around your garden. But if you keep overwatering your plants, they will die quickly. Bacterial rot can cause them to have a foul smell and taste; worms and other bugs will also start eating away at their roots causing them to wither into a lifeless pile that will need replacing shortly after planting them. This definitely isn’t something any good gardener wants happening!

Move plants around as needed for weather

If you live where there are cold winters, then pay attention to the signs of when you should begin to dig up your plants and put them in pots or boxes. Remember that they might not grow as well if you let them stay planted, so do a bit of planning ahead just to be safe!

Test your soil

One thing good gardeners like to have are soil tester kits. This helps ensure that the soil around the area where you’re planting will provide your plants with all the nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy over time.

Just make sure these kits aren’t expired–if they are then use them for testing things like swimming pools, gardens etc., but don’t try using old testers on flowers and vegetables meant for human consumption! Not only could the results be unreliable, but it can also lead to health problems!


Gardening can be a lot of fun and it’s pretty easy to get started. You just need some space, good soil, seeds or plants, time and water! Don’t worry if you don’t have the perfect garden spot because there are lots of ways that you can plant your vegetables in containers on your porch or balcony. Get outside with your kids this weekend for an afternoon of planting new flowers around the house or try growing food at work by making use of any available outdoor space like rooftops. If you keep these tips in mind as you go about gardening, then it should make the whole process a LOT easier. Good luck and happy planting.