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Water is critical when it comes to rearing healthy geranium plants. During the summer you should water your geranium every day. In winter, watering your geranium once a week may be enough.

Are Geranium Plants Perennial ?

Geraniums can last for a long time when you look after them the right way. They loved being fussed over and cared for. In many ways, you can say that geraniums thrive on personal attention. It is one of those plants that you need to check on every day making sure that it is “happy.”

When you look after your geraniums, the plants will last for at least for a couple of years.

How Do I Water My Geraniums?

Geraniums don’t like hard water. The best water for geranium is natural rain water. It is not packed with additives or unwanted minerals that you may get in spring water.

When a geranium plant is watered using water from a spring or a well, it has a tendency to bolt. It starts to “outgrow” itself. If this happens, it means that your geranium will not last as long. Water extracted from wells and springs are often loaded with microminerals. That is great in general, but too much of a good thing is not good for geraniums.

How do you know if you are using the right kind of water? When your plant stays bushy and does not grow tall and leggy, you are using the right kind of water for your geranium. The first thing you should check if the plant starts to grow rapidly, is what kind of water you are using.

The best time of the day to water your geraniums is during the cooler part of the day. Try to water them towards the evening. Doing so will give them a chance to absorb the water during the night. Some of the water will remain in the soil during the day protecting the plant from drying out.

Can I Add Plant Fertilizer To My Geranium’s Water?

If you want to use a commercial fertilizer, the best one to opt for is tomato plant food. Geraniums love it. They will reward you with an abundance of flowers and nice compact growth.

How often should I feed my geranium? During the growing season, it is best to feed your geranium once a week. All you need is a small amount of feed when you use a commercial fertilizer. Using too much will cause an explosion of growth. Subsequently, the plant will not last for very long.

Geraniums love the water you have boiled your vegetables in. It contains the right mix of microminerals for your geranium. Simply let the water cool down and then use it as your regular water.

In the winter you need to change your watering routine. Most geraniums, apart from some of the scented varieties, will only need water maybe once a week. Before you water in the winter, always check the soil. If it is damp, your plant will not need any water that day. Too much water during the winter will cause the roots to rot.


The final verdict is that geraniums make great house plants and garden plants . When you look after them, they will continue to reward you with stunning multi-colored displays.