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The fence is one of the most important parts of a garden. It protects your plants and flowers from animals, insects, and people who might not want to follow your rules for entering the garden. The fence can also be used as a screen to hide unattractive objects in the yard or homes such as garbage cans or storage sheds.

In addition, fences can add curb appeal by making an area feel more private and secure. When deciding on what height fence you should have for your garden there are many things you must take into consideration including: how tall do I want my fence? What type of fence am I going to use? How high will it need to be?

Your fence should be six feet tall

A six-foot-tall fence is going to be your best bet for a garden! This is because the fence will provide the most privacy, protection from predators and it is tall enough to make sure that no one can easily climb over.

That said, if you don’t have any concerns about larger animals and people getting over the fence, you can get away with a 3-foot tall fence instead! These are easier to build, and look a lot nicer.

However, for the most part, you don’t want to build a 3-foot tall fence, only to find that you need something taller, so it is always better to go bigger than smaller.

What type of fence should it be?

You are going to want your fence to be made out of something durable because if your fence blows down in a storm or heavy wind then there goes your garden security! So pick materials that won’t easily rot or rust, like metal or wood.

If you want to add some extra decoration to your fence, go with a wooden fence and paint it a bright color! It will make your garden stand out and look cheerful.

Another thought is to make sure you are building a fence that won’t allow small animals such as cats or rabbits between the pickets. This is why a privacy-style fence tends to do the best job for gardeners.


A fence is an important part of any garden, and should be taken into consideration when designing your space. In most cases, a six-foot fence will do the trick, but if you have specific concerns then taller might be better. Make sure to use durable materials that won’t easily rot or rust and pick a style that will make your garden