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There are many different varieties of roses. Climbing roses, shrub roses, miniature roses and many, many more. Having roses in your garden is a great way to add visual interest, beautiful color and a delightful scent. Planting roses can be daunting, but if you follow the six steps outlines below, you should be well on your way to many years of beautiful blooms ahead.

  1. Remove from packaging and place the rose into water for several hours. Ensure that the so-called “crown” (the spot from where roots go down) is submerged.
  2. Remove damaged roots. Not removing damaged roots prior to planting can potentially cause rot.
  3. Place roses in a hole that allows approximately 1 to 2″ (or 3 finger-widths) of soil to cover the crown of the rose. Also ensure that the roots have enough room on the sides.
  4. Fill hole with soil and carefully press loose soil, creating a ring around the plant that helps funnel water. The goal of the soil placement is that there is a ring all the way around the plant that is slightly lower than where the rose comes out of the ground. This will help funnel water better.
  5. Water liberally. This will help the soil get wet (even mud-like) and form around the roots. You can do this multiple times.
  6. Fill with additional soil. If you place the soil in a small mound, it helps protect the rose from frost, wind and weather. In the spring (after the last frost), you can even out this mound.

If you follow the above steps, provide your roses with the right soil, and ensure the proper care, you should be able to enjoy blooms for many years to come.