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When you are about to begin tilling, you need to determine if the land is wet or dry. You only want to till when the soil is dry and after you till it, you can water it if it’s really dry. These are the rules that will help you to create a great garden that will do well.

In order to check to make sure if the soil is wet or dry, you can dig down about 6 inches. You want to see if you can roll the soil into a ball. If it doesn’t roll into a ball, it’s dry and you can till it. If it does roll into a ball then you need to let it dry out for 3 to 4 days and then begin tilling.

It’s important that you follow the above information if you want to have your plants grow well. You’ll have a great garden when you do.

Should You Water the Soil Before You Till?

No, don’t water the soil at all before you’re going to till. You’ll want to check a few things before you do. By checking between 6 and 8 inches down into the soil, you can tell whether it’s too wet or dry. If it crumbles after you roll it into a ball in your hand, then the soil is ready to till.

Once you’re completed with the tilling, you might want to water it. Wait a bit before you begin planting to make sure that it’s definitely ready.

Always Check the Soil Before Tilling

You want to make sure that you check the soil at any time before you decide to till. Tilling on wet soil will just make a mess. You don’t want this because the excess water will just run off and not do any good so it will be a waste. It can also lead to roots not being able to penetrate the soil.

Don’t Till Wet Soil

If you till the soil when it’s wet, it will lead to problems. The roots of the plants will not be able to penetrate so they won’t grow properly. You’ll have a lot of challenges to get through if you decide to do this.

Dry Soil Can Be Tilled

Till the dry soil so that you can get the work completed. If it looks like it could use watering, then make sure that you do so. Then, you can get to planting the way that you want to. Make sure that you have all of your supplies when you decide to begin planting your garden so that they will all grow for you.

How to Till

The best depth for you to till to is around 6 – 8 inches below the surface. You can use a different depth if you find that your plants are happier with it. Check the packets your seeds come in or you can ask someone at the store that you bought them from. Go slowly as you till and engage the drive. You should make parallel lines when you’re tilling.

Don’t Till Over and Over Again During the Year

You don’t want to overdo it. This can lead to compaction in the soil. When you go to plant your garden, it will not be able to grow in the right way. Be sure that you just do it at the beginning of the spring and that you check to make sure that the ground is dry before you do so.

You want to be careful when you till. After winter is over and the springtime is in the air, you’ll want to start getting your garden ready so that you’ll be able to plant. When you know what to check for, you can be sure that you’re only tilling soil that can be. Only till on dry soil and then you can water it.

When you make sure that you follow these simple rules, you can be sure that your garden will grow healthy and that you will get plenty of fruit for your efforts. Be sure to pick plants that you want to see grow well because you shouldn’t have a problem getting what you want when you till the soil in the right way.