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One of the most important tools in a gardener’s arsenal is shovels . Without shovels, you can’t dig holes to plant your flowers and vegetables, or get rid of the weeds that are growing in your flowerbed.

So what shovels should you have ready for your garden? There are three shovel types for home gardeners: shovels with pointed tips (also called spades), shovels with square edges (called square point shovels) and trowels.

Round Point Shovel

A shovel with a round point is great for digging holes in your garden. This shovel has a more pointed edge and can be used to make precise cuts through the soil without damaging nearby plants or flowers.

You generally will find this shovel in almost anyone’s backyard as they are extremely versatile! Not only can it be used for your gardening, but it can also be used to pick up gravel, rocks, move dirt piles, dig large holes and more.

With the point on it, it can easily break ground, but it also is wide enough that is can help with transporting the dirt as well.

Square Shovels

Square shovels can come in extremely handy when you are trying to move large amounts of dirt from one place to another! They have a large surface area, meaning you can pick up a lot of dirt without worry of it falling off when you are moving around.

These also work awesome for removing as much dirt or items as possible off of flat areas, as they tip is flat.

I like using this shovel in conjunctions with the round point shovel we discussed above, as the round point can break the ground, while the square shovel is able to move the dirt that the round point broke free.

The trowel

When you are in need of a fine tuning shovel to move small amounts of dirt for things like planting flowers, then a trowel is exactly what you need.

Sure, its not going to dig you a huge hole, as that is what the other two shovels are for, but it will get you the exact size and shape that you need to plant your plants.

These also work awesome for getting dirt out of bags, or for gardening in container gardens.


Having these three different shovels ready to go will allow you to have well rounded garden, where you can complete any task you set your mind to!