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Gardening is the perfect stress-relieving activity. Whether you are growing vegetables or flowers, planting a garden indoors or outdoors is a satisfying experience. Planting and harvesting a garden is an excellent exercise giving strength to the hands and arms.

Millions turned to gardening during the pandemic. Neophytes and experienced gardeners found relief in working in both outdoor and indoor gardens by growing different types of spices, herbs, veggies, and flowers.

Indoor gardening helps to improve the oxygen within the air, just like it does for the outdoors. An additional benefit in gardening outdoors, is that it adds to the landscape and property value. On a personal level it gives a person pride, confidence, and delight in planting a seed, watching it germinate, and grow.

Using a Trowel

Gardening requires several different types of tools depending on where you are supplanting your garden. But there is the one tool that every gardener needs. In this case, it is a garden trowel. In simple terms, a hand or garden trowel is a hand-held shovel.

Holding a trowel is like an extension of your hand. It keeps you in direct touch with the soil. Just you and mother earth without fumes, noise, and dust. You are creating a garden that will be free from harsh chemicals. Gardeners are creating gardens that are organic and very healthy.

A garden or hand trowel is a versatile tool that is part of every gardener’s toolbox. A trowel is a basic tool that comes in varying sizes, metals, and shapes. A trowel helps to cultivate, weed, turn the earth, mix fertilizers, break up the soil, and transfer plants.

Trowel Features

A hand or garden trowel features a sturdy handle, a varying design blade usually in a scoop design. The tang or blade is long and narrow. These designs make a trowel easy to use in small areas to be used for gardening.

Garden trowels are available in varying materials. This includes stainless steel for heavy, deeper digging. Aluminum and fiberglass trowels are very popular with gardeners who are clearing outdoor rocky areas. Plastic trowels are popularized by indoor gardeners and campers.

A garden or hand trowel allows gardeners of all levels to make small holes for planting their bulbs or seeds. Choosing the right trowel for your garden labor is easy. For example, in small areas, a narrow-bladed trowel works best.

When clearing a small area that has overgrown weeds, a flat trowel work best on the weed’s root system. When you need to clear an area containing former dead plants or just to begin scooping up the soil, a trowel with a scoop-shaped blade will do the trick.

There aren’t too many people who love starting gardens who don’t know what a trowel is and its many benefits. Additional features of garden trowels include serrated edges, very lightweight, depth gauge measuring marks, and long handles that keep gardeners from added bending or back strain.

Trowel ergonomic handle options are between long or short. Whichever handle you choose they give you good control in varying soil conditions whether you are planting vegetables at a deeper depth or digging in shallow grounds for planting flowers.

Why Is a Trowel the One?

When gardeners are using the tang of a trowel to help dig and turn the soil, the smell of the earth waifs up into the air as you also feel it beneath your fingers.

Gardeners are soon transported into a biological realm where creation of plants, flowers, veggies, etc., are in their hands. Using a trowel begins the process of a great relationship between the soil, air, water, and the sun.

Gardeners soon learn the great value of using this durable tool. It lasts for years while remaining sharp enough to dig up the earth consistently. Trowels feature a natural grip handle that will not cause blisters on your hands.


Trowels are a single piece tool. Trowels are very durable. You can garden as long as you would like with a trowel because they will not bend or break. A trowel starts the beginning of a fun and rewarding gardening experience.

Innovation is ever-present in our daily lives. However, the appearance of a hand-held trowel for gardening has been enhanced by the durable material it is made from. Trowels can be used in every stage of a gardening experience. It is versatile, durable, and inexpensive to use.