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Bees and wasps are essential for pollinating nearly 20 percent of all flowering plants known to man. Without them, we won’t be enjoying countless flowering plants wherein we reap and consume their produce or simply by just glancing at their beauty and smelling their therapeutic scent.

But do you know there are flowers that repel bees and also wasps? If you hate having these small creatures as visitors in your garden, here are some flowers you should get to know:

1. Marigolds

They are very beautiful flowers which are bright yellow in color and have very striking contrast against their own green stems and leaves.

Bees are attracted to yellow hues, but the fact that Marigolds have only a little pollen to offer and don’t really have a distinctly fragrant smell, makes them largely ignored by these selective bees and wasps.

On top of this, Marigolds are also an awesome addition to any garden because of their colors, and because of how easy they are to grow.

2. Roses

You would be surprised, but roses are not delightful to bees and wasps. Do you know that there are roses which are unscented? If you don’t want bees and wasps in your garden, select these variants for your garden.

Opt for the lighter colored ones like white which are tough to grow and have stingy thorns, but if they could keep away the bees and the wasps, they are worth it.

3. Eucalyptus

The eucalyptus oil is a common ingredient in most Insect repellents. So it’s quite sure that wasps particularly dislike this flower.

The eucalyptus trees are capable of growing in any environment as long as the temperatures don’t go below 20�F for long periods.

Some wise garden owners mix eucalyptus leaves with menthol drops to create a potent mixture that naturally deters wasps and other insects from coming over.

4. Wormwood

Wormwood with absinthe are used to line flower beds and shrubs to block insects like bees from becoming too friendly. It throws in the air a very pungent smell that just throws off the bees. Wasps also avoid the wormwood. To use wormwood, you could use its cuttings or plant wormwood yourself.

5. Mint and Peppermint

They may be pleasant smelling to people, but wasps, bees and other insects avoid them at all costs.

This is the reason why mint and peppermint oil are mainstays in the components of insecticides and repellents.

Another good thing is that both mint and peppermint can grow in any type of soil and in most temperatures.

But prune them often or they will crawl all over your garden.

6. Feverfew

They look like innocent looking white and yellow flowers that could be important additions to a bee and wasp proof garden.

It has a strong scent which is pleasurable for people but which the insects hate.

They are known to kick out pollinators from the garden. It’s good to grow feverfew because aside from being enemies of bees and wasps, when their leaves are dried, they turn into medical options for healing headaches.


These are just a few of the known flowering plants that repel bees, wasps and other insects from your garden. If you hate the feeling of something stinging yours legs, arms and neck while you are relaxing in the garden with your cup of coffee, better grow these natural wonders on your precious earth.