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If you recently decided to plant the perennials in your garden that bloom the longest but are unsure which ones you are supposed to plant, look no further because in this article, we’ll give you the information about some of the best longest blooming perennials you can plant.

1. Coneflowers

This flower can provide your garden with vibrant color. They come in many bright colors that are pleasant to the eye. They can attract pollinators to your garden as well, inviting butterflies throughout the whole blooming season.

While coneflowers need a little more care for getting established, after they’ve already spent the year in a garden, they are quite durable, as well as tolerant to heat and drought.

You don’t even require to deadhead all the old blooms throughout a season.

Fun fact: In older times, this flower has also been used by Native Americans for some medicinal purposes during and before colonial times.

While the general research discovered that the flower doesn’t have that much medical benefit, it nevertheless looks wonderful in a garden. flowering throughout the whole year.

2. Rudbeckia Goldsturm

This one attracts butterflies as well, blooming from a mid-summer to an early fall. With flowers reaching over 3 inches in size, rudbeckia goldsturm dominates a landscape throughout the summer.

It can function as the food source for caterpillars as well. It’s also resistant to rabbits and deer, meaning you will be able to keep your beautiful flowers even despite the existence of common garden pests. This flower can handle summer heat quite well, especially when it is planted in very well-drained soil.

Even though it needs around a year to get itself established, it is heat tolerant and drought tolerant after the first year, which makes it easily maintained perennial.

3. Hemerocallis ‘Happy Returns’

This is the re-blooming daily life living up to its beautiful name, it can provide you with nonstop consistent blooms for months.

It has a compact height of 18-inch, which means that you can fit it almost anywhere in your garden.

Just like most other daylilies, this flower performs quite well in the wide range of well-drained soils and is very tolerant to both heat and drought.

It keeps blooming from June-October and you don’t even have to worry about pests or any diseases.

Rabbits usually avoid this flower and it is also adaptable to the vast range of growing and planting conditions, so it is an ideal flower of low maintenance for busy gardeners.

4. Salvia ‘May Night’

This flower with its violet-blue blooms can grace your garden throughout most of the spring, Its flowering will surely provide you with an eye-catching display every time you are spending time in your garden and you can even bring it indoors for some flower arrangement.


As you can see, there are some very beautiful flowers that bloom the longest and each can be a great addition to your garden. All you should do now is to choose the one that you like the most to beautify your garden with it.