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Carnations are beautiful flowers and their marvel needs no introduction. They look the best with a hue and bloom that lasts over a week. Each of them blossoms at a different stage and at times they may require additional support in opening up their double layered silky petals to full bloom.

Even though carnations are very popular across the world, sometimes people are concerned about why their lovely little flowers are not opening. Now, there can be tons of reasons behind this and you have to try out some easy methods that can help to alleviate the situation.

Is it the right season?

Spring and autumn when the weather is mellow with neither too heat nor too cold outside, are the best times to plant these amazing flowers. Winter can also be suitable for sprouting the seeds indoors so that you can transfer them back to your open garden as the temperature rises up certain degrees. So, the first reason could be that you have tried growing these flowers in summer or harsh winter.

Are the fertilizers right?

For your carnations to grow healthily, some amount of compost is needed for making the soil extra fertile. At times, it may so happen that even though you have dedicated a sunny patch of ground in the garden, they are not blooming properly. The reason could be a lack of fertilizer.

If you have planted the seeds first, the container should be equipped with adequate drainage. Then, you can transfer it to your garden in a few days. This will also improve your chances of having your carnation flower blossoming the very first year.

Are they getting enough water?

When the carnations are first planted, they must get adequate water in the first phase of their blooming. This helps in founding their root system and if you are not giving a lot of water to the soil, the deepest of the roots won’t get water.

To help your carnations bloom, they should be watered thoroughly once a week. When the root system is properly founded within the soil, you can water them as you see the topsoil to be dry.

Are you pruning the carnations right?

To promote the proper growth and blossoming of the carnations, they should be pruned very carefully. When the plants are still in their developing phase, you can prune to remove the old leaves and flowers for more nutrients and water to be absorbed by the plant.

If it’s summer, then regular pruning is necessary for their complete development and generation of new flowers. To allow new growth in the same place, you will simply have to cut out the spent blooms right over the leaf nodes.

Have you allowed them enough space?

These flowers can be easily planted in elegant pots to adorn your interior space. But it’s worthy of mention that carnations bushes are susceptible to spreading over time. That’s why it’s crucial to leave enough space in between the plants . When they are too close to each other, they can prevent one another’s growth and ability to bloom by blocking sunlight and other important nutrients.

Are the carnations becoming old?

Carnations typically come with a shorter life span compared to other flowering plants which may last up to 4 years at the most. So, if you see that the flowers are not opening anymore, it could be simply that the plants are fading out. It may so happen that you have planted the carnations last autumn and the flowers are not opening this year.

The reason could be that the plant is dying due to too much or too little water supply. If the soil is too moist in the initial phase of the growth, the plant will become limp. On the flip side, if the plant babies aren’t getting enough water, they will become lifeless and these issues will be reflected in the inability of the flowers to bloom.


Carnations come with an interesting history that lasts centuries. Each color has its own meaning, significance, and symbolism. When you look at these flowers, they are a fascinating sight to behold. And with a bit of care, you can help your flowers to bloom in a huge array of colors.