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Fences are a common sight in most neighborhoods, and they serve many purposes. One of the most important fence features is their height. Many people think that any fence height will work, but this is not true! There are several reasons why fences must be set at certain heights, and these reasons are what I want to discuss in my article today.

1. HOA’s or CC&R’s

The most obvious reason fence height is important is because of homeowners’ associations and covenants, codes, and restrictions. Homeowners’ associations can set requirements about fence heights in their rules or regulations, so if you live in an area like this it’s very important to know what the fence height requirement is.

Covenants, codes, and restrictions are another type of law that can set fence height requirements, and if your neighborhood falls under any of these then it’s important to know what the fence rules are.

2. Neighborhood Security

Another reason fence heights must be a certain number is because they play an important role in protecting all residents’ safety and security.

Places with neighborhoods like this have fence height requirements because they have to meet a certain standard. This is especially important for gated communities, where the fence serves as a security fence.

3. Obstructing driver’s view

A fence that is too tall can also obstruct drivers’ views, which can cause accidents. This is why many states have height requirements for fences next to highways.

In many states, fence height laws prevent homeowners from building a fence that is too tall. These rules are meant to protect drivers’ views of the road, and they can help prevent accidents from happening.

4. Neighborhood Aesthetics

Finally, fence height is an important feature for the overall aesthetic of a neighborhood. A fence that’s too short will look odd in comparison to neighboring fences, and a fence that’s too tall can be an eyesore.

In general, fence height is an important consideration for the overall look of a neighborhood. Anyone who wants to build a fence needs to understand what fence height is appropriate for their neighborhood.

5. Resale Value of home with odd height fence

A fence that is too tall or short can negatively impact the resale value of your home. When you are selling a house, fence height is an important factor that potential buyers take into consideration.

6. So that wind doesn’t knock over the fence.

If you have a fence that is much higher than the normal 6 feet, the likelihood of that fence falling over due to wind is much higher as well. So it is important to make sure that the fence height you choose is something that will be stable and not easily toppled over.

Are there ways to make a fence taller while not actually making it taller?

Now, if you have to have a fence at a certain height, but still want to obstruct the view higher than the fence, there are a couple of good options for you.


One way to go about this is by using a trellis. A trellis is essentially a fence that has been covered in vines or other plants. This will help to block the view while still keeping the fence height at a reasonable level.

Plants and Trees

Another option is to plant plants or trees that are tall enough to block the view. This will help your fence height while still making sure you don’t have any ugly plants or trees in your yard.


So, as you can see, fence height is an important consideration for many reasons. Be sure to understand what the fence height requirements are in your neighborhood, as well as how to fence height can affect safety and security.