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Gardening takes a lot of time, work and commitment. You want to make sure you do it right, so it was worth the time. There are a few things that can be done to improve the quality of a garden for maximum productivity and style. In this article, I am going to talk about the top 5 tips to implement into your garden today.

1. Know the Shade Positions

The first thing to know when creating a garden is, do some plants block shade to others? You may have to check on the garden to see the patterns of the garden and if it will potentially prevent sunlight from reaching other plants.

For the best return on investment, you don’t want tall plants blocking sunlight from shorter ones unless the shorter ones will eventually get some also.

Plants can also like the shade, so it is recommended to plant things like spinach and lettuce in between plants.

2. Choose the wall and build the frame

If you want a vertical garden, you will need to choose a wall on which to plant it. If you want privacy, the fence should be filled as much as possible with the garden on the inside.

These plants will fill in the cracks. The general rule for vertical gardens is that the frame has 3 parts – almost like a sandwich. Try not to use metal when building the frame as it is heavy and is more expensive than wood.

3. Attach plastic sheet and fabric

The idea with this tip is to allow the plants to have something to grab on to. Something for the plants to grow through.

The purpose of the plastic sheet is to hold everything in the garden and the purpose of the fabric in the plastic sheet is to hold water for the plants to drink. You are going to need at minimum 2 layers of fabric to be sufficient.

4. Have water close by

This is one of the best gardening tips you can get. Making sure there is a water source nearby will save a lot of time and effort. I recommend having a hose nearby. Doing a quick spray on the garden is a lot easier than using a bucket.

Instead, a possible option is to use an irrigation system. This is a system that provides moisture in the fabric. It is basically w tube at the top of the garden that drops water into the fabric. You can get one from an irrigation supplier.

5. Expect the full size

If you are renting the place, it is best to make the garden portable and movable. If you own the house, understand how the vertical garden will look when it is mature.

Understand that the objects you place around it may cause some problems in the future if not planned wisely. If the garden isn’t planned, it can become a quick wreck in the end.

Understand the plant’s growth potential. Keep the plants maintained and make sure the plants have proper support. The strength of the frame can weaken from a heavy load for extended periods of time. It might be a good idea to get advice from a professional before taking action.

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