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The snow is finally here, and it is awesome! However your first thought might be to go to your garden, and even the plants that will be sprouting up in early spring. Are they safe, and is there anything you should be doing to take care of them during this time? Especially our tulips.

So will snow damage tulips? Tulips are an extremely resilient plant in that they can handle the snow during the winter no problem, as they just spend their time in the bulb. If you get a late winter snow after they have bloomed, don’t worry about that either, as they should be able to make is through no problem.

Will a snowfall in late winter, early spring hurt my tulips?

There always seems to be that extremely late snow that hits right at the end of winter and early spring that tries to mess up all of your gardening plans! Thankfully most plants that bloom during that time of the year have no problem making it through this last fight. This includes your tulips!

You should be able to enjoy your tulips throughout the spring, and summer with no problem at all, even if that bad weather tries to take them out.

Snow fall during early and the middle of winter hurt my tulips that haven’t bloomed?

Planting your tulips in the fall, nestles them down into the soil! These are meant to hunker down for the winter underneath of the snow, to then sprout up in the spring. As long as you planted them at the right depth, you should have no problem with them not coming up after the snow has melted off.

Some great ways to make sure to keep your tulips in good condition, is to make sure they are buried deep enough, and maybe lay down some mulch over top of them when you are planting. These two things should give you a high success rate for blooming come spring.


So there you have it! I hope this quick article puts you at ease as that white fluffy snow comes down from the sky. You can enjoy a cup of hot cocoa or coffee while you rest assured knowing your tulips will live to see another day.