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Is there Moss growing continuously on your rooftop? Maybe you just got down cleaning the rooftop off, and several days go by as you pull up in the driveway from a long hard day at work. The first thing you notice is your rooftop is yet again full of Moss. Frustration takes its toll.

Slapping the steering wheel of the car, “Why Does Moss Grow On My Roof Tiles?” It just seems like the roof is a magnet for Moss. If not cleaned off, it can damage the roof and cause water leaks. Below, I will talk about why moss tends to grow on your roof tiles, is it dangerous for you and your roof, and what are the ways to go about getting rid of the algae and moss growing on your roof’s tile.

Why Does Moss Grow On Roof Tile?

Moss increases by discharging spores, as do many other plants. However, Moss is way more likely to grow on cool and damp surfaces and does not get sunlight.

So now, your tiles facing the north are more prone for Moss or algae to build up as these can take root much quickly in the dark tiny cracks or holes that may be in the roof’s tile, slates, or even your shingles. Also, if your roof tiles are made from concrete or clay, excellent surfaces and frequent vulnerability to damp circumstances make them the supreme cases.

Moss On Roof Tiles?

Some mosses are not dangerous for humans, but the moss that grows on the roof tile is destructive.

Moss is exceedingly competent at absorbing moisture, meaning that any water will not be able to leave your roof because it tends to get trapped. Sadly, Moss is also most likely to grow in the voids, separating them, lifting the tiles, and displaying moss lie under the elements.

This continuation of unnecessary moisture and even rainwater vulnerability affects severe primary cause the wood or damp covering to rote. So Moss is terrible for your rooftops, causing so many problems to you in the long run.

Get Rid Of Moss

After spraying the Moss with the gentle water hose, you will want to take a soft brush to the roof’s tile to make sure you do not damage the tile in the process. You will then want to collect all the Moss in the garbage bag after scraping it with the brush. Then you will most definitely want a moss and algae killer to prevent Moss from growing again in the future. You can also make a DYI spray to spray over the moss and get rid of it forever.

Also, you will want to keep in mind though moss does not only grow on top where it is seen to the naked eye but in between the roof and the ceiling, which can also cause your roof to leak and eventually fall apart. Thus causing you more damage and costing you more money for having to repair your home.