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Hedges are easy to plant, cheap, and creates a good-looking boundary quite faster than how most gardeners think. Besides, it offers structure to your garden, they may be suitable for nesting birds, and wildlife. Within three years the hedge plant has a potential of spanning up to 30-inches. Offering hedges with the appropriate growing conditions can enable the hedge to grow faster, however, most hedges may take around 5-years to get their proper form and full height.

So, what is the hedge that grows faster ? Leylandii grows faster which is evergreen, and if you need it to form a hedge quite faster, then this hedge is the best option for you. And since it is fast-growing, it’s altogether the simplest method of creating an evergreen home hedge and thus the sought-after option.

Also, are you in a position to grow this plant side by side with a fence? Planting a hedge close to a fence is not in any way a problem unless you have a problem with the sun never getting to your home, and given that the footings made of concrete aren’t too huge. Even if you’re growing a hedge side by side with the fences, you can mix the hedge with holly, blackthorn, and hawthorn which are usually the best wildlife plants and very cheap to maintain.

That said, so how are you going to make your hedge grow even faster? Check out our brief ways that you can do to make a thick hedge grow fast:

  • Ensure you select the appropriate location to grow the hedge
  • Put clear the height of the fence you need
  • Select the appropriate fencing plant, the one that is known to grow faster
  • Determine the width of the hedge you choose
  • Choose the appropriate spacing for the hedge plant selected
  • Analyze the area that the hedge is to be planted
  • Plant the trees or shrubs

What’s more, if you want to encourage fast and new growth, then if you can do light pruning during the spring, you’ll have made things easier.

Distance between edges

If you prefer planting Laurel or any other evergreen shrubs, it is suitable to plant them about 60 to 100cm apart. Those hedges with plants 60cm apart fill much quicker than those planted 100cm apart. All in all, you get the best edges at long last with both distances. If you need the best hedge you can go for Boxwood since it can withstand frequent shearing and can grow taller to give you a perfect fence.

Ideally, Green giant arborvitae and eastern white giant are the most popular evergreen that grows at a much faster rate. As each year passes, they increase by 2 feet. Additionally, you should plant them 50cm away from the property line to ensure that it does not grow past the neighbor’s property.

How hedges grow back

Hedges can grow back if you cut them back, feed them, and water them. You should only ensure that you should cut it 20cm below the desired height of the hedge. This assures you a faster growth rate. Pruning greatly affects how your edge grows back. It greatly influences the direction in which the hedge grows.

It also promotes faster growth since you will get rid of any diseased or unnecessary branches. You can as well thicken the bottom of the hedge by trimming the top and ensuring that you prune them in the best manner whatsoever. You can as well make evergreen grow at a much faster rate by removing any grass around it and sprinkling some fertilizers around its base.

Best time to plant a hedge

If you are planning to plant deciduous hedges such as Hawthorn and hornbeam then you should do the moment you start seeing the leaves start to fall off. This means that they should be in the ground in the middle of autumn and as winter ends. You can as well plant some plants next to the hedges. These plants should be able to endure semi-shady conditions. They include shrubs with feathery leaves and many others.

Also, if you need a fast-growing hedge for privacy, then you can try out leylandii and laurel. They offer a protective screen within a shorter time. They can grow up to 90 cm in a year so you should get your pruning shears ready before you need to use them.


Hedges can take quite a long time to grow, but if well cared for, you can expect a fully grown hedge within only 5 years. It’s upon you to put effort and make a difference with your hedge plants.