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Geraniums are sensitive plants. When you first seem in the shops, you may think that geraniums are easy to look after. In many ways, they are one of the most sensitive house and garden plants that you can buy.

Compared to other plants such as the Busy Lizzie, you can safely say that they are fussy. When you want your geranium collection to last longer, there are rather a few rules that you have to stick to.

Red Leaves – What Does It Mean?

When geraniums are not happy, they start producing red leaves.

The problem is that red leaves can mean more than one thing. It can mean that your geraniums are not getting enough water or getting too much water. The amount of sun they are receiving also plays a role.

Yes, it does sound strange, but it is true.

How To Water Geraniums

Learning how to water geraniums is best described as a trick of the trade. This is a plant species that does not like too much water or too little water. The best thing that you can do to enjoy a longer flowering period, is to learn how to water them.

First of all, you should never water your geraniums during the day. The best time to water your geranium collection is at night. Watering your plants later on in the day means your plants will get a chance to absorb the water. It will also reduce the amount of water your plants will need.

Too much water will cause a range of problem including red leaves. It can also very quickly lead to tall leggy plants that don’t flower very much.

Being Mean With Water

When it comes to geraniums, it is best to be a bit mean with water. Make sure the water you add is absorbed quickly.

If you grow your geraniums in pots, never leave them any water on the dishes that the pot stands on.

What happens when you leave excess water? The roots will start to grow downwards and cause the plant to absorb excess water. Just the right amount of water is what geraniums love.

Geraniums love natural water. If you can, try to collect rain water to use instead of tap water. If you don’t have any other water, you should let your tap water stand.

The chlorine in the water will evaporate and you will be left with a more natural water.

Feeding Your Plants Is Important

Geraniums love feed but you must not overfeed them. Doing so will cause a chemical imbalance in the plant which will quickly lead to red leaves.

The best feed is a small of amount of tomato plant food. Another great feed choice is the water your boiled you vegetables in. Let it cool and use it instead of your regular water.

Move Them Out Of The Sunshine

Too much sun can also cause red leaves. Geraniums don’t mind a bit of sun, but they certainly don’t want to spend all day in the sun.

During the worst of the afternoon heat, it is best to provide your geraniums with shade. Either move them to a shady area of your garden or cover them up with special shade netting that you can buy.

Watering and feeding your geraniums in the right way will stop them from producing red leaves. It will also contribute towards extending the flowering period. At the same time, don’t forget that too much sun can cause red leaves and damage the plant.